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Note: Please join us in the search for a cure for a rare Leukemia that can develop in young people of  Multiethic Heritage. Two examples are children of celebrities like Shannon Tavarez  who was an 11 year old star of Disney's  The Lion King on Broadway  (and who recently died of this rare illness) 

 and Cornell University Medical Graduate Student Natasha Collins who passed away in 2009. Support for this cause has come from celebrities like 50 Cents, Alecia Keyes and Rhianna. The program we've lauched (through The A/M Medical CO-OP Foundationton) to  help with hospital costs of others like these young people is "Shannon's Mixed Blood Donor Drive. You can make  a donation today at www.aplaceforusnational.com.  Get your special swab kit  sent to you freee through the Be A Match @ The National Marrow Donor Program.  To help be a match or if you're in need of a donor for you or a loved one go to the site. It doesn't matter your skin color. Becoming a donor is very important. Celebrity Natalie Cole (Daughter of the famous legend Nat King Cole) receieved a donar for her illness from some who was of a different race, and it was a perfect match. You may be a perfect match for someone and can give them a second chance. Click on any button on this page to contribute. Fill out the form below and send your membership registration so you can get the medical help you need when you need it. We're all in this together, Community helping Community. 

Calling all young parents with families, young people, single people and  canceled AARP Members who don't to have to purchase supplemental insurance and others who are seeking 100% medical, dental and vision care. Your prayers are answered and you no longer have to fear if your care is going to be covered. The Alexander/McGee Medical CO-OP is here, and we can protect our nationwide community100%, by people signing up for this plan. 

Now you can avoid the stiff penalties ( of $3800.00 or more per year or $250.00 per person in a company who is not insured) the Federal  Government is planning to impose on people who don't get medical care coverage, and even more penalties on those who decide to change medical care providers. This is no joke, and that's why you and your family and friends need to sign up for the Alexander/McGee Medical CO-OP plan now!

 Small and medium  companies can save a lot of money on overhead with this plan that was put  together by small investors, entrepreneurs and regular workers like you. This is a private plan, not a government plan, but each state can work with oversight from the Attorney  General's office in each state.
How it works: 

If you are a regular working person or if you are/were  in Track, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf,  Gymnastics etc. and you are no longer covered by the company plan, then please read the Medical Plan below. If you are a part of any  American Indian Tribe and your medical needs are not being taken care of, this is for you. If you are barely making it as an actor or related field as well as anyone in Middle America who is struggling to have medical and you need medical coverage, this plan is for you as well. After you read this, tell your governors in your state; it could save them millions and billions across the country.

Also, we would have a special part of our Medical CO-OP for our veterans called  "Adopt A Veteran Medical Care" where they can go to any doctor or medical facility of their choice without waiting long hours and many years to get approval for care. Because this is a Foundation, it will allow donors to contribute to the plan for Veterans or those on Reservations.  The Veterans would get care now; they wouldn't have to travel to a VA Hospital to get care, and if they need in home or any other service they would get it immediately. They would be members like anyone else, but they wouldn't have to pay a membership fee. Some Veterans wait over 30 years to get compensated for illnesses like Agent Orange. This plan would help them get diagnosed quickly, so they can get what's coming to them in a more speedy manner.

To help save and even re-stimulate our union's economy (California, Nevada and the Nation), and share yearly dividends with healthy people like yourself, yet help those who need any medical, dental, vision procedure and care that will keep them healthy, I urge you tell everyone you know (friends, family, co-workers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, lawyers etc.) to read this information here  on www.breakingnewsjournal.net. Twitter, facebook, myspace, email, call, write your employers, local and national news reporters and anchors, radio hosts etc, because if our economy collapses because of the proposed healthcare on the table, we could all lose.

This plan is called the Alexander/McGee  Private Medical CO-OP Ownership . Your human Resources office may be very interested, because it can save any company money.   You can even receive dividends annually for living a healthy life and not putting a drain on the Medical Plan, because this is here to make sure the sick gets all of the help they need without restriction and healthy people get help if and when they need it.

 This  information  has been sent to President Obama twice, once by mail as well as to ND Congressman, Kent Conrad who was the first Congressperson in 4 years to mention anything similar to this program  (Created by Ruth Bryant White in 2005 and the official name of the plan is The Alexander/McGee Medical CO-OP Plan)
Says Ruth, "Several of my former Presidential Competitors agree with this medical plan".

A.)    No Penalty for the first emergency funds take out (especially medical) of your 401K and 5% for a second take out and 10% for a 3 rd take out in one year. That will give people the chance to choose if they want to invest in gold, silver, platinum without being penalized. If they are in a Medical CO-OP they wouldn't have to go into their investments to pay for medical emergencies

B.) . It makes sure the sick get all of the treatments they need no matter the cost, no matter how long they are hospitalized. It covers long term, or short term illness, any kind of dental or vision, no co-pay, no deductible and for those in the program who are healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, they will get dividends at the end of each year.   Those people who are in the CO-OP and have not had to use it will pay for the sick, and when the healthy get sick their medical will be all taken care of as well.

 Ruth's Example : I paid for medical for over 20 year between 3 jobs. When I left those jobs, I had no medical coverage, and the money I put into it went right down the drain.   With this
plan, someone can be getting the help they need.  The foundation of this plan is People helping people and empowering each other (not class warfare, with the Rich pitted against the Poor).

 C.) A person can opt out of paying for things they don’t believe in like contraceptive abortions, or surgeries that are not life threatening, but cosmetic. It’s transferable and you can use your medical anywhere in the world, because payment will be expedient. People can opt out of things they don’t want to cover for religious reason (like Sex Changes or certain stem cell research etc). This will make the people feel more empowered.

D.) For Medical Reasons (to be able to identify a possible cure for genetic diseases faster) the US Census - through  Birth Certificate, and Medical Forms and School records - should have a place called  a Multiracial Category , so if someone needs a blood transfusion or bone marrow transplant or any other  medical matter it can be more easily treated if all of a person’s ethnicity is identifiable as much as possible. We want to in all cases prevent a medical emergency from becoming a death warrant.

E.) We all have heard of  people who have Social Security and are having to make a decision as to if they can buy food or medication. This information comes from consulting a Medical professional who knows how the Medical Insurance Industry give bonuses to those Billers who can make sure there is not a financial burden on the industry by not allowing certain surgeries etc. My medical plan allows for pre-existing medical problems without increase of payments. Also if people lose their jobs, the Medical CO-OP will take care of the payments for a couple of months or they can pay outright, because it doesn’t have to be a job related plan.

 Added by 2008 Presidential Candidate Christopher Popham Smith of Boston MA (with math equations collaborated by founder of The Master Educator, Steve White), in his recent column on www.breakingnewsjournal.net:

There are alternative programs and initiatives that might help to solve the dilemma of making sure that every American has full coverage health care for their lifetime.

One option is the Alexander McGee Medical Plan. It may not be perfect in the complex world of health care, but the idea of medical co-op ownership instead of costly private insurance, could be made available to every citizen (on a tier basis, according to their ability to pay a modest premium) at a cost considerably lower than any of the competing health insurers. It is an ownership program under which everything is  covered: long-term, short-term, regular doctor visits to your PCP, and any and all surgery. Each eligible person would pay into the co-op. The Heritage Foundation's latest mean estimates place insurance for  a single person at an annualized cost of $4704!!!  A family's cost is at about $12,680!!!  I myself gave up my Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance last fall. The monthly premiums had risen to $754 a month!!!  There are alternative programs and initiatives that might help to solve the dilemma of making sure that every American has full coverage health care, for their lifetime.

So what if a co-op system was put in place? Well, let's say the average family paid in $5000 a year and an individual paid $2000 a year. For the sake of round figures, let's say there  are about 110 million families in the U.S. and at least 50 million single workers. If my math is correct, that would fund the co-op with about $560 billion a year. That's right--half a trillion dollars! Health care spending for 2008 amounted to $2.4 trillion. Therefore, in a few short years, we could engender a viable and cost effective health care program for all Americans.

Additionally, as a member of the co-op, if you do not make a claim or get sick during the course of a year (in other words you remain healthy), then the co-op sends you a modest dividend payment at the end of the year, similar to owning stock in a thriving company. If you're interested in signing up for this CO-OP, please send  $25. 00 to : Alexander/McGee Medical CO-OP Foundation 2722 N. Green Valley Pkwy P.O. Box 50036, Henderson NV 89016 , 702-260-4849. At the first  250,000  sign up level this will guarantee co-pays, deductibles. 

Premiums will start at this sign up period. Then at the 1 million sign up point, the co-op can start paying for all medical dental and vision This is a no for profit venue. Individuals or companies who want to contribute any amount for the care of those who need it can do so by using the donate button. You do not have to fill out any forms for that. 
 The buy button is for those who are signing up for the A/M Medical CO-OP Foundation. 

Copyright 2005-2009 and is the property of  Ruth Bryant White and Breaking News Journal LLC, www.breakingnewsjournal.net.

The Alexander/McGee Medical CO-OP Foundation
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When your monthly premiums are getting ready to start, The Alexander/McGee CO-OP Office will notify you through your Human Resources Dept., by mail or email or phone call that your premiums will start.

What format would you like the Alexander/McGee Medical CO-OP to deduct your premiums (through checking account, savings account, through Paypal, Payroll Deduction, mail in,  or drop in to any Wells Fargo Bank or regular bank you're a member of)?

Your premiums will never increase because of  cost of living increases, because we're not a Insurance Company. Our interests are not to make money off of you, but to give you easy access to the health care you want, anywhere you want it and when you want it.

Remember we're a community and we're all in this together and we can only make this work together.

The Purpose of the Goal of One Million sign-ups (at $25.00 each, Set Up/Sign Up Fee) is to ensure committment of members to make this co-op a success, to insure a more speedy process for members to start getting their medical help. This will also enable us to hire legal counsel and medical experts. This fee is non-refundable, and can be paid by individuals or companies (on behalf of any enrolling employees). We will not take premiums until the co-op is functional.  This can only be done if we have enough resources to cover the care needed.

The plan to set up data processing areas and have staff available to be disbursed to different locations, locally, regionally, and nationally to speak to people/companies and others about the Alexander/McGee Private Medical CO-OP. 

The Alexander/McGee Private Medical CO-OP will hold annual meetings, to give an account of how strong we are, how many new members we have, and to introduce our officers and staff  to our members.

We want you to have access to us 24/7. You're our members and we look forward to serving you. The things we want to provide for you are member to member care; counseling,

For Doctors and Medical Facilities:
For payment, submit Your Bill/Invoice to Paypal  for payment, which should be finalized within 24-48 hours. Your bill submission is expected to be paid by AMMCOF (Alexander/McGee Medical CO-OP Foundation ) for services rendered to AMMCOF Members. No Authorized Member/Doctor will be excluded from AMMCOF unless  unlawful practices, procedures or fraud is performed/ found by either member(s) or doctor(s). These will be executed by our Legal Counsel.  The Alexander/McGee Medical Co-Op Fondation is a division of A Place For Us National.com

1999  -   2010
Shannon Tavarez in her Lion King Makeup and Costume