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Is the brainchild of 2008 Presidential Candidate Ruth Bryant White. Ruth was the first Presidential Candidate on record to run for that office for the 2008 Elections. During her journey of speaking engagements across America campaigning she met other Independent and lesser known Republican or Democratic Opponents, but instead of them bashing each other, they shared about what our country needed and what they planned to do about it. They noticed that only those who had name recognition and/or large budgets were taken seriously. These candidates were relentless and Ruth decided that there needed to be a place for them in our Country land,especially since the people were asking for the things these lesser known candidates had to offer.  These candidates were being disenfranchised like the people of America were being.

Steve, Investment and Community Page Columnist 

Christopher Popham Smith  
2008 Presidential Candidate, BNJ Columnist  Boston MA

Frank McEnulty 
2008 Presidential Candidate and BNJ Columnist
 Pacific Palisades CA 

Richard H. Clark 2008 Presidential Candidate 
and BNJ Columnist

Joe Oliva 2008 Presidential Candidate
BNJ Columnist -Long Island New York

Debi Keatts  BNJ  Field , Special Events and investigative Journalist  
 The Peidmont/Southern VA

Debi is the first official journalist for Breaking News Journal LLC and has been a Patriot activist since August 2007 when Sarah Palin joined the John McCain Campaign.

Debi is one of the first leaders on Team,  contributed to several newsletters from Team Sarah,  organized event page for the those attending  the March For Life 2009, 2010, C-Pac 2009-2010, 9/12 D.C. Rally 2009,  Tea Party Convention Nashiville TN  which includes hotel and event set-ups. In Nashville she  interviewed the International journlists who interviewed her. 

Debi is a member of the Robert Morris Society, working with the Republican  Governor's  Association and working with the Council of the American Conservative Union. (ACU) , Active member with the Susan B. Anthony List.   Worked  with several Congressman over the Healthcare Bill.

Mrs. Keatts is  a founding member of Team Sarah and a Groups Administrator of  Conservative Moms For America, which was founded by Glenn Beck Original 9/12 Mom, Mary Baker

Christopher Popham Smith, Joe Oliva, Rob Jorgenson, Bill Ingram, Daniel  Kingery,  Frank McEnulty, Chris Borcik, and Richard H. Clark  were  2008 Presidential Candidates and are now BNJ Columnist . ill is now running for Governor of Wisconsin for 2010.

Bill is the one who brought all of the lesser known candidates that he investigated and found were really serious about bringing our country together to meet each other, so they could work together to make positive changes for the betterment Middle America, since no one else seemed to have the answer. That is the spirit in which Breaking News Journal was originated. 

They as candidates noticed something they had never seen before and color skin was not the issues. They were treated equally, and that is with no or very little respect in the media (print, radio, TV etc).  

Ruth had a bit of media coverage in that although she started her candidacy in October 2005, she debuted her candidacy world wide on Fox News The O'Reilly Factor. Ruth was also featured in the Boston Globe and PBS affiliate and in the town in which she resides, the local papers featured her, but there were no followups. Many never got even that much recognition, yet these candidates  messages were too important to Middle America  and Ruth wanted to highlight their expertise. Ruth wanted  Middle America to know about these very top notch candidates.

 It didn't really resonate until Ruth and other Independent Candidates were invited to speak to where there were  over 33,000 people at Mount Rushmore South Dakota that they all noticed something not right. The reporter from the local PBS station was supposed to come and interview the Independent Presidential Debates, but instead all of the news reporters covered the Nascar races or something else, however when Obama and Hillary were in that same place, the media was all over them, Why? Because they had name recognition and they had money.The common denominator in all of their discussions, was how the media ignored them, but showed the others 24 hours a day on all of the cable news programs and their websites, but ignored them unless it was someone who they considered to be a fruitcake or someone who had served in the Congress. 

So, Ruth said "If I(we) can't join them, then beat them. That meant that Ruth had a plan. She has been involved in the media for over 25 years, founded with her husband Steve A Place For Us National (an organization that's goal is to break down racial stereotypes in the Education, Religious Institutions, as well as the Entertainment Industry. The organizations main goal is to support Interracial/Multiracial Families and to call for discussions with the larger society about racial matters. 

Ruth has appeared on CNN, E!Entertainment, and either she or Steve would be contacted by print media was quoted in or mentioned in USA Today, Parenting Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Long Beach Press Telegram, Orange County Register and other Print Media. Ruth was Coordinating Producer in Hollywood of the "Post Oscar Showcase and helped successfully start breaking down the barriers of racial type casting in writing, acting, producing and directing and worked to make sure that people were cast based on their ability to do the job. 

Ruth received the 2010 Salvatore Prize from the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, "1997 Changing Images In America Award" for that effort that they feel inspired Disney and Whitney Houston's version of Cinderella. The Post Oscar Showcase was supported by what Ruth called Hollywood Super weights like : Carl Reiner, Beau Bridges, Andy Garcia, Se Journey Weaver,  Robert Townsend,  and sponsored by Universal Pictures. Ruth  Steve and Ruth are a power couple, whose contribution has yet to be strongly realized. Anyway 

Ruth brought her PR, producing, and media knowledge together and formed Breaking News Journal, where candidates of all parties or non at all can come together where they can communicate with the people and the people from all over the country could send in stories from their area and it will get posted. No nudity, no profanity, (because there are young people who view the site and it is a G rated site), no trying to destroy our Country. That combined with actual embedded breaking news 24 hours a day is on BNJ. The people can tune in and watch whatever story they want, they don't have to sign in, login, or be forced to look at other stories interested in until theirs came up. BNJ is  all free to the viewer and the goal is to get at least 1,000,000 viewers a day on the site. That will be a major mild stone.

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